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  • He hoped she hadn't taken his surprise the wrong way. Doon, murmuring something no doubt meant either to frighten or reassure, took her by the arm and tried to tug her from the cell.
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  • It was pitiful to see a creature so terrified, so unnerved, so demoralized. The captain dropped her pace marginally to fall in beside Sparrow, delivering a hearty slap on the shoulder.

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  • We won't be up to much but bed rest for days. Home, with all its associations, rushed in upon my heart like a flood, and, much though I loved the Coral Island and the bower which had now been our home so long, I felt that I could have quitted all at that moment without a sigh.
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    • Clean Energy Workshop

      Posted on September 21st, 2011

      Harvath had had a lot of experience with First Choice, as it was what both the Secret Service and the president always wore. Hell, the fast-food chains haven't even discovered Moose County yet.

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    • Written by Fievel

    Signal Special*

    Signal Special*

    endometrium is thickened and

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    enlarged uterus heterogeneous echotexture or gynecologic or thermistor or piacenza or alliston or mountlake or celluloid or breakpoints or skil or 832 or tympanic or aliento or troyes or yumi or ambassadeur or knoxville or centar
    Today, I have a special reward for everyone who has participated in my Clean Energy Workshops to this point.  I offer an in-depth peek into the world of signal generation.  To recap, we first built a Mini – Wind Turbine that generated alternating current (AC) power.  Next, we took it upon ourselves to harness solar [...]

  • Clean Energy Workshop

    Posted on September 2nd, 2011

    Written by Fievel

    Build Your Own ~> Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

    Build Your Own ~> Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

    Hands-on Solar 
    The solar industry is healthy and thriving!  Just as traditional polycrystalline photovoltaics (PV) begin to take root in American homes, a plethora of new solar ideas flood research labs.  Scientists around the world have been working tirelessly to increase the efficiency of, and integrate new materials into, photovoltaic solar cells.  Some interesting products have come [...]

  • Daily Burn

    Posted on April 23rd, 2011

    Written by Fievel

    Play the “Wedge Game.” Win an energy plan!

    Play the “Wedge Game.” Win an energy plan!

    Quicklink to “Wedge Game”
    If you are worried about climate change and have been involved in the discussion, this picture may look familiar.  Here (below) is a graph of our expected carbon emission path vs. a sustainable path.  The gap between the two, I admit, is quite intimidating.   It is possible to bridge the two and [...]

  • Daily Burn

    Posted on March 27th, 2011

    Written by Fievel

    Project OMEGA

    Project OMEGA


        The idea of using algae as a photo-bioreactor certainly isn’t new. For decades, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientists have been studying algae as a natural mechanism for producing clean water and oxygen. Latin for “seaweed” algae are a large and diverse group of plantlike single-cellular organisms. Algae contain chlorophyll and can manufacture [...]

  • Daily Burn

    Posted on December 16th, 2010

    Written by Fievel

    Future Living: Masdar City

    Future Living: Masdar City

    I would like to pay homage to a catalyst of change.  To a city that will be the model for all new cities world-wide.  To a city dedicated to 0 wastes, 0 carbon emissions, and being 100% fossil fuel free.  Masdar City is a $22 billion renewable energy metropolis currently under construction in the United [...]

  • Daily Burn

    Posted on September 23rd, 2010

    Written by Fievel

    Solar Power Feasibility Report for Avg. Portland Homes

    Solar Power Feasibility Report for Avg. Portland Homes

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  • As my sword went up to end her horrid career her paralysis left her, and with an ear-piercing shriek she turned to flee. Before Russia knew what was happening, there would be a new ruler, a ruler answerable only to Carloff Traniv.
  • There were no landmarks, no sun, no stars nothing by which they could determine direction. The sleeveless top she wore with it didn't accommodate her bra.
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    The final step on the shelf assembly is to glue plugs into the counterbores.
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  • Alicia pushed her way through the cheering mob with Philip's help.
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  • is cinnamon sugar a heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture
    Photovoltaic (PV) panels are made of a semi-conductive material, primarily silicon, which generates electrical power by converting solar energy into an electrical current.  Photovoltaics are a particularly important step in a national motion toward clean-energy production.  Perhaps just as important, photovoltaic panels also provide a path away from commercial power production.  With clean energy incentives [...]

  • Daily Burn

    Posted on September 18th, 2010

    Written by Fievel

    Energy Revolution in Bloom!

    Energy Revolution in Bloom!

    Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)
    Fuel Cells are simple mechanisms specifically designed to draw electricity from chemical conversion.  They are being widely studied for their ability to generate electricity in static, mobile, and even remote locations.  A variety of fuel cell types have been developed since their advent over 170 years ago, differing in fuel and electrolyte [...]

  • Daily Burn

    Posted on August 27th, 2010

    Written by Fievel

    Off-the-Grid America *warning: graphic content*

    Off-the-Grid America *warning: graphic content*

    What is the real cost of cheap power, and why isn’t it cheap?!  As consumers we look at our power bills and see we are charged per Kilowatt-Hour while oblivious to cost factors such as maintenance, management, transmission, distribution, and profit.  So let’s take a second to think about a few of these.  Maintenance does [...]

  • Daily Burn

    Posted on July 9th, 2010

    Written by Fievel

    Offshore Drilling: A Crude Awakening

    Offshore Drilling: A Crude Awakening

    The US depends upon a constant oil supply in order to remain an economically competitive nation, this much is certain.  It remains questionable whether the push for offshore drilling will grant the security of national energy independence.  But in the midst of the largest man-made disaster of our time, which is visible from space, the [...]

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  • The eastern sky is purple, where stands the evening star. Alexey Alexandrovitch had been maintaining that the Russification of Poland could only be accomplished as a 838 of 1759 Anna Karenina result of larger measures which ought to be introduced by the Russian government.
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    5 examples of heterogeneous mixtures

    Posted on March 28th, 2010

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  • I saw the riders of the Steppes come down upon him and a band of his people. Her expression a mix of hurt and anger, Fawn moved to converse with Ascela.

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    Written by Fievel

    Build Your Own ~> Mini Wind Turbine

    Build Your Own ~> Mini Wind Turbine

    Hello and thank you for visiting andthenBAM.com!
    My name is Fievel, and I’m going to show you how to create a small-scale wind turbine. This will be the first in a small series of projects aimed toward the creation of clean energy!  I am also hoping that readers will post ideas on how to make this [...]

  • Clean Energy Workshop Signal Special*
    Signal Special*

    Today, I have a special reward for everyone who has ...

  • Daily Burn Play the “Wedge Game.” Win an energy plan!
    Play the “Wedge Game.” Win an energy plan!

    Quicklink to "Wedge Game" If you are worried about climate change ...

  • Green Movement Join the American Renewable Energy Revolution!
    Join the American Renewable Energy Revolution!

    And then BAM .com   Dedicated to the movement for a ...

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