Energy Workshop

This is the Energy Workshop!

I will be periodically uploading DIY projects (with how-to video) for others to examine/replicate/comment on/share.  There is no particular order.  Choose any subject that interests you.

I challenge you to improve upon my projects!  Send them back to me and i’ll update the design… and give you the credit.

Want to be a better circuit designer? Visit the ‘simulations laboratory‘ to learn new ways to test your ideas.

Note:  Please provide constructive feedback!  I am officially crowd-sourcing the improvement of my videos, website, and project ideas to all of you.  


Let’s get building!!

Analog:  *Power supplies, *Filters, *Electromagnetism

Digital: *Pulse Width Modulation, *Arduino, *User Interface

Electro-Chemical Storage: *Energy Storage, *Battery Chargers

Generation: Solar, Wind, Hydro

*No Projects Yet Available

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Signal Simulation

The complexity of our designs will result primarily on our predictive power.

In-order for us to be sure of our designs, we must do two things:

  1. Construct a circuit using ideal components.  (think functionality)
  2. Replace ideal components with real world numbers.  (think efficiency/precision)

Note:  Step 2 is only necessary if we intend on physically creating a project.

Ready to make things happen?  Head over to the ‘Energy Workshop‘ to participate in energy-based projects.



Let’s get simulating!!

LT Spice:  *Circuit Design

ModelSim:  *Digital Signals, *VHDL coding

Labview:  *Data Acquisition, *Signal Generation, *Signal Analyzing

Matlab: *Statistics, *Physics, *Controls

*No Projects Yet Available

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