Wind-Power Generator

How to build a residential-sized wind-turbine!

I produced this video while attending a course at Clackamas Community College.  As a class, we set out to construct two wind-turbines.  One with 3′ blades and the other with 6′ blades.

… I dropped the ball on this one!  I do not have a parts/tools list.  But, I can say it was the instructors goal to use as little manufactured parts as possible.  The radial bearing and rare-earth magnets are obvious exceptions.

Caution: Rotor becomes dangerous once the magnets are attached.  One wrong move could have easily broken someones arm!




Rather start with something smaller that has a clear set of directions?!  I don’t blame you.  Try this Mini-Wind Turbine from the Pembina Institute.

..or, you may want to try another form of power generation.

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